Life after residency: Securing your first job

As you enter your last year of Residency, it might be tempting to put off a job search. After all, you’ll be under tremendous pressure with tight time constraints as you near completion. However, it’s never too early to start your employment search. Consider the following tips to help you build a comprehensive and effective job search strategy.

Decide on your ideal employment situation

You’ve spent years attending Medical School and working through your Residency. It’s worth the extra time and effort to consider which employment factors are most important to you. Examine the elements that would comprise an ideal situation for you, including:

  • Location – Are you willing to move? Will there be a commute? Urban, suburban, or rural?
  • Structure – Hospital, large practice group, or a smaller practice? Public or private?
  • Hours and rotations – How many locations, and on what rotation/on-call schedule?
  • Institutional supports – Laboratory, records, technology, support staff, etc.
  • Compensation and bonuses – Medical, retirement, loan repayment, bonus structure, etc.
  • Start date and time off – When is the position open? What supports are available during sick and vacation leave?

It may not be possible to find a position encompassing every single one of your desired elements. But knowing what you want can help you avoid taking a position that is a poor fit for your personality and goals. By prioritizing these elements (and listing others of your own), you’ll go into the interviewing process knowing your “non-negotiables.” This will help you make a more informed employment decision and ideally find a position that meets most of your needs.

Take time to prepare for Physician job interviews

The hiring process for Physicians is complex with many variables to consider, such as whether to work for a hospital or smaller practice group, what kind of benefits and contracts are offered and the reputation of the hospital or practice. It’s in your best interest to do thorough research of any prospective employers and to prepare for job interviews in advance. Interviewing is a skill that requires preparation and practice, along with understanding how to present yourself as an ideal candidate that meets an employer’s needs. It’s also a good idea to prepare questions that will help you determine whether an employer meets your priorities. 

Seeking professional support can optimize your job search

Working with Strelcheck Healthcare Search lets you leverage our decades of knowledge and experience to save time, effort, and stress during the job search process. By taking the time to get to know you, your family, and your exact desires, we’re able to present only opportunities that meet your professional and personal needs, at no cost to you. Strelcheck Healthcare Search recruiters can give you an unbiased and accurate description of all our available opportunities, which helps you make an informed decision. We will take you through the whole process by scheduling phone screens and site visits as well as giving you expert insights and time-saving tools such as our guide to Do’s and Don’ts of an interview. At Strelcheck, we work diligently to ensure your first job is the right fit.

The simple act of planning ahead and having the right professional insights and support from Strelcheck Healthcare Search will ideally lead to a long and satisfying career as a Medical Provider.