The ”Strelcheck Process” sets us apart.
In today’s complex healthcare arena, you need to use your available time and dollars smarter than ever before. Wasting resources simply isn’t an option. When you’re ready to recruit a new Physician or Advanced Provider, you need to partner with one of the best healthcare search firms in the industry. At Strelcheck Healthcare Search, we have a passionate, dedicated team of recruiters and a meticulous, nine-step process that focuses on results.

Every new project begins with an on-site tour by our President, Paul Breen. He gets to know you, your team and the dynamics of your organization. Comprehensive interviews are conducted — frequently within days of your initial request — to learn everything we can about your opportunity and your unique needs.

Next, we recommend a targeted strategy to locate all potential candidate(s) through diverse channels of communication, including personal phone calls, direct mail, print and web advertising, e-blasts and social media.

Our in-house marketing agency creates messaging and designs that speak to candidates, sell your opportunity and put your position in the spotlight.

We develop and implement a personalized plan for your physician need and detail the steps required to achieve your goals.

Once candidates have been identified, we thoroughly evaluate each individual’s desires, skills, and fit for the position.

We review the outcomes of our interviews to pinpoint candidates that best meet your need. Because we research each candidate so carefully, we typically identify a few ideal matches.

We prepare a personalized presentation about your opening and your organization for every candidate and highly recommend a face-to-face meeting on-site for the candidate(s) and their significant other to truly gauge their level of interest.

We work with you to coordinate interviews and site tours at your organization for the identified candidates, family and significant others.

Following a successful interview, we provide ongoing consultation and communication to enhance the probability that the candidate accepts your position, starts as expected and assure that all parties are very satisfied with the outcome.